Dr. Xiaochun Li gave talks in CEEP

Author:Qingyu Zhao    Source:ceep    Date:2017-09-11





   On September 6,Dr. Xiaochun Li gave an academic report entitledPotential and R&D Progress of CO2 Geological Utilization and Storage in Chinain CEEP.This report was hosted by Prof. Baojun Tang and many students in CEEP participated in the report.

  Dr. Xiaochun Li talked about the importance of CGUS and told us how to choose the appropriate CGUS site,how to match the emission source and sink optimally,in addition, Dr. Xiaochun Li took the steel industry carbon dioxide geological use and storage as an example to explain.Besides,Dr. Xiaochun Li introduced the relevant technology research and development and put forward the next technical challenges.


  At the end of the report, many students raised questions to Dr. Xiaochun Li and got detailed  answers. Students showed great interest in the relevant content of CGUS and had a hot discussion. Finally, teachers and students took a picture with Dr. Xiaochun Li.