Welcome Meeting for new students in CEEP

Author:Qingyu Zhao    Source:ceep    Date:2017-09-04


  At 16:00 on September 2nd, Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research held the welcome meeting for all of the new students in CEEP at the main building.The meeting was hosted by Professor Hua Liao .Many teachers and students participated in the meeting.

  First of all, all 2017 graduate students and doctoral students did self-introduction and expressed the expectations for the new semester. After that, several teachers,including the deputy director of the center Baojun Tang,gave talks to express warm welcome to all new students and emphasized the importance of focus, diligence, integrity and independent thinking in academic research.

  Finally,Professor Yiming Wei, director of the center,gave a talk to all the new students joined the center.He expressed welcome and put forward some valuable advice.Professor Wei stressed that students who want to do academic research must be enthusiastic and with positive attitude in order to devote themselves to the process.He also said that students should not forget the original will in order to maintain morale. After listening to Professor Wei's speech, students not only had a more profound understanding of scientific research goals, methods and attitude, but also had greater expectations to the new semester .
  Through this meeting, all members of the center understood the team's culture and philosophy further and enhanced the communication as well as cooperation with each other. Also, all members of the center will start this new semester with more positive attitude and more confidence at this new beginning.