Postgraduate Courses

Author:ceep    Source:ceep    Date:2014-07-17

The education and research in CEEP-BIT follows the principles of “Emphasizing on role switching、Executing management practice、Cultivating comprehensive ability、Focusing on perseverance and endurance、Prohibiting plagiarism”.

Focusing on the important energy and climate change issues, CEEP conducts research on energy & environmental strategy and policy. CEEP contributes to the application and development of energy economics, energy environment, energy policy and related management science. CEEP provides scientific basis on energy strategy and policy for governmental decision making and provides the development strategy, planning and management for energy companies. CEEP also serves as a professional education center in energy economics, energy policy and management, and a platform for international exchange in the area of energy and environmental policy research.

Teachers undertaking research work in the center organize related students to discuss the project applications and project research from time to time, so as to enhance their manipulative skills and to cultivate their consciousness that one should make full use of what’s been learned, as well as to enhance their ability to extract scientific questions out of the energy management and economics practice.

The center also organizes all the teachers and students on a regular basis to learn global policy regarding energy economics and climate change, so as to keep up with the frontiers of policy demand and related cutting-edge scientific questions.The center pays extreme attention to cultivate students’ integrated capabilities. To polish students’ writing skills as well as to keep up with the frontiers of energy and environmental development, the center arrange one student each week to write a summary of the energy news throughout the world and then release it to the center website. Teachers of the center take charge of the ideological and political education of the students by organizing academic salons and literary & art activities. In the meantime, teachers are required to be concerned about students’ ideological trend, to understand their needs, and to answer all kinds of questions with great passion and patience.

The core team of CEEP-BIT has cultivated many graduates in the field of energy economics, energy policy and management, providing a wide range of talents for universities(such as Beijing Institute of Technology, China Agricultural University), research institutes(such as Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences), enterprises and the government(such as CNPC RIPED,CNPC Economics and Technology Research Institute, Graduate School of People's Bank of China, Research Institute for Fiscal Science, Ministy of Finance, Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning, China Academy of Transportation Science).